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So you've got everything setup.  Now what?  You need to actually sell.  Do you need someone that has the time and expertise to communicate with your clients and effectively sell your restaurant?  Would you prefer that person has extensive experience working in the events and restaurant industries?  Do you want to hire this person, but can't risk increasing the labor line on your P&L? 

We can help.


We will provide a professional and experienced Private Event Sales Manager to handle the daily operations of the restaurant’s events program.  This manager will be responsible for communicating with clients and staff, negotiating contracts, producing the events and cultivating relationships to ensure the restaurant’s revenue stream grows.  Responsibilities of the Private Event Sales Manager include the following:

  • Responding to Leads

  • Following up on Leads

  • Communicating with event hosts, selling event space and F&B

  • Building customized event menus with event hosts and staff

  • Negotiating contracts

  • Executing Contracts

  • Obtaining Credit Card Approvals

  • Charging Deposits

  • Booking space in booking system (open table, etc)

  • Planning production with staff and event hosts, writing Banquet Event Orders (BEOs)

  • Creating customized event floor plans

  • Communicating with third-party suppliers

  • Hosting BEO meetings

  • Ensuring that restaurant staff have all needed equipment & information

  • Ensuring Event Calendars are updated

  • Communicating with accounting staff

  • Confirming final event billing

  • Post-Event follow-ups with staff and event hosts

  • Providing event reporting to Senior Staff

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