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Kitchen Staff


You've got your SOPs, now let's tell the team about them so they can actually be used. 
And your staff might have some pretty good input on changing items so they work even better.


The syllabus for staff training is a set of Standard Operating Procedures reflected in the restaurant’s previously created Event Operations Manuals. We will host a 3 hour training session with the staff to review, discuss and train on the usage and implementation of these SOPs with a goal of creating a successful events program.

Discussed items may include:

  • Lead & Sales Process

  • Definition of Private Dining vs Large Party

  • Host SOP – Event Inquiries

  • Management SOP – Event Inquiries

  • General Event Inquiries

  • On-Site Event Sales Packet Review

  • Terms & Conditions

  • Credit Card Authorization / Processing Forms

  • Open Table Rules

  • Ops – Pre-Planning

  • BEO Meetings

  • Event Setup – Buffet

  • Event Setup – Choice Of

  • Event Setup – Family Style

  • Event Setup – Passed Apps

  • Event Setup – Bev Station / Bar

  • Event Setup – Pre-Shift Meeting

  • Event Host Arrival

  • Food Timing

  • Finishing the Event

  • Final Billing

  • Close-Out

  • Buffet Sign Template

  • Event Menu Template

  • Bar Menu Template

  • Host Stand Lead Form

  • Kitchen Order Sheet for “Choice Of” Dinners

  • Kitchen Order Sheet for “Family Style” Dinners

  • Mobile Bar Setup Checklist

  • Final Billing Checklist

  • Equipment Checklist

  • Review of Event Operations Manuals based upon discussions during training session.

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