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Restaurant events can be a lucrative business - 

or a huge headache.

From first greet to final check,

The Events Project will build and manage

a customized events program for you.


Customized event program components for restaurants.

Your Sales Materials

Includes full event meal menus, hors d'oeuvre menus, bar menus, event areas, capacity charts, food & beverage minimum pricing, and terms & conditions.

Your SOPs

Standard Operating Procedures for event production from the first call to the final check.  Includes processes for FOH & BOH, pre-planning, BEO meetings, event setups, food timing, and billing.

Your Sales Framework

Sets you up for an organized, professional, and protected sales environment.  Includes lead organization, contract templates, event calendars, financial reporting, event floor plans, and software training.


Your Sales Manager

A contracted manager to handle all of your daily needs - communicating with clients & staff, negotiating contracts, producing the event, and cultivating relationships to ensure the growth of your revenue stream.

Your Team

We'll spend time going through all the new event sales packets, ops manuals and sales setups with your FOH & BOH team to ensure everyone is on the same page AND that all implemented rules will actually work in practice (not just in theory).

Your Beautiful Food

Increase your sales by including (good!) food photos in your event planners, on your website and on digital delivery platforms.  They'll get organized so they can actually be found and used when needed.

Music and Cables

Organize all of the audio/visual systems in your restaurant.  Label remote controls, buttons, sliders, and cables.  Make a list of owned equipment for event clients.  Write a manual so the staff knows how to use it.

Restaurant Party Photo 1.webp


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